A Salad a Day

Pro Tip.

To all the people beginning their journeys, those continuing their journeys and those starting theirs all over again; a salad a day keeps the doctor away.


Take on the practice of replacing at least one meal a day with a healthy salad.

Regardless of if you are low carb, low fat or vegetarian, eating at least one salad, almost every day, may be one of the most healthiest eating habits you can adopt. Not only is it one of the easiest ways to pack more vegetables into your diet but it’s the fastest way to removed all your junk food cravings.

Eat a salad, bruh!


Chipotle Chicken Salad. Mixed Greens. Broccoli Slaw. Chicken. Eggs. Tomatoes. Cheese. Bacon. Ranch. Low carb living.

Salads 101.

Season and marinate your meat.


This is a very important step.

It can be the difference between a tasty salad and a bland bunch of rabbit food drowning in dressing.


Vary your ingredients.

The more the merrier. Salads are the perfect way to try out new vegetables.


This is also how you keep your taste buds happy. Regardless of how you make it, it’s still a salad but to your taste buds it’s different every time.


Smokey Rancho Sriracha Chicken Salad. Delicious.

One salad every day or almost every day. One meal out the day should be a salad.

Salads 101.

Prep a pound or two of your fav meat, cube it, toss it in some Tupperware and keep it in the fridge.


This small step makes it that much easier to walk into the kitchen and walk out with a salad rather than something you would regret eating later on.

The Jamaican in me loves Jerk Chicken. & pretty much anything spicy. Season yours however you like tho. I’m using Walkerwoods.

The goal is to keep healthy things on hand to help you make better decisions with your eating.

Salads 101.

Explore the salad aisle at your local grocery store.


Beyond the salad dressing and croutons, there is a literal ocean of uncharted salad toppings just waiting to be discovered.

This is especially important for those of us that have sworn off bread, sworn off junk and sworn off anything that doesn’t bring them the results they desire. These are Crispy Red Bell Peppers. The same ones Chickfila carries. Found them at Kroger a while back. I absolutely love them. They replace croutons like you wouldn’t believe while still being low in carbs.

Salads 101.

Pro Tip.

You’re on a diet, not in jail or on some deserted island. Take pride in the creation of your meals & enjoy eating them.


This is the best way to stick to your diet and not feel deprived. It’s also the best way to get the most out of your diet. All diets fail. It’s just a matter of time.

Taking pride in your meals helps reduce the frequency of failures you will incur along your journey to better health.

Meal Prep Pro Tips.

So the question is continually asked; How do you keep your lettuce greens from going bad?

Answer: Get a good salad spinner. I use an Oxo Salad Spinner. Got it Target for like $30. It’s moisture not air that runs salad greens. So you have to get the water off the leaves. We all love these little bag-o-salad greens but leaving them in the bag is what makes them go bad. I spin my greens several times & store them in the spinner. Lasts a week easy.

Meal prepped Oven Fried Chicken Salads

**See Oven Fried Chicken Salad recipe