Net Carbs.

My excerpts from Snapcat regarding net carbs.

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Stick to counting total carbs. Its the safest way to keep your low carb journey moving in the right direction.



People will tell you eating healthy is far too expensive but it’s truly all about perspective. A healthy meal costs about $8. Sure I could of gotten some McDonalds & spent only $5. But those $3 I saved now would be the same $3 I would have to spend on medical care and medicine later. Perspective. Remember, make time for health now or make time for illness later.


Stand Up!

Falling off the wagon is a part of the journey itself. All diets have a certain degree of failure built into them. So focus less on the falling off and focus more on what you do after you have fallen off. Will you stand up stronger and more determined than before? Or will you give up and go back to your old ways? Either way it’s your choice. & if you choose to give up, then clearly you weren’t ready to give up your bad habits in the first place. Realize that no one can talk you thru this, drag you thru this & force you to change. It’s all up to you. So when will you stop wasting time and start doing what you know is right? That’s a decision only you can make. Because you are the only one preventing it and the only one who will benefit from it. Stand up!


What Was Even the Purpose of This Cheat?

People always ask me: “Do you have a sweet tooth?! I never see you post any sweets!” 😅 Actually, no I don’t have a sweet tooth. I used to have one. Not for candy, ice cream or whatever but specifically for baked goods. Especially maple bars. Two or three of those used to be the norm for me. I loved donuts, which is probably why I got up to 365 lbs. I even remember what time of day to come here & buy these so I would get them 1/2 priced 😩 But four years ago, I went low carb & with that, I stopped eating sugar. & I stayed consistent w/ that low carb regimen. So now a days when I try to eat things like this, things I used to love, crave & even lust for, the sugar content in them is almost toxic to me. I get tired, dizzy, sleepy, I even get headaches off this stuff. So I don’t crave them anymore. The enjoyment in eating them is gone. There is only suffering plus the disappointment that follows because I went off my diet for no reason. What was even the purpose of this cheat? Just pointless. It’s something you never notice until you get completely off sugar. That stuff does a number on your body but as long as you are used to eating it, you never even notice it. Kinda like a functional alcoholic. Call it a functional sugarholic. I have come a long way w/ my eat habits. But it all started w/ a conscious effort to simply do better. That’s why it’s important to embrace the journey. Who you will become will amaze everybody, even yourself.


The Journey is Endless

People only care about the before and afters. The end results. No one seems to notice the late nights and early mornings. The weekends and holidays. The days “on” when others are “off chilling” & you’re still working towards your goals. Planning and tweaking. Reassessing and re-tweaking. The consistency. They only see the end results. So they ask you: “how long did it take?” The best answer is always: a lifetime. Or the infamous: “what’s your secret?” Best answer: a whole lot of dedication. Losing it is one thing. Keeping it off is a whole different story. This journey is endless. The finish line you are seeking does not exist. Not to steal your glory but these are things you will learn in due time. That’s why you have to understand what you are doing, the hows and whys vs blindly following all the fitness dogma. Read something!! Learn something!! Because you aren’t just losing a predetermined amount of weight, you are gaining a whole new perspective on health. Embrace the journey. Embrace who you are becoming.


Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

In an effort to give transparency to my journey, I have decided to start video blogging. This is the first of many. This vlog covers the beginning of my journey, being overweight, becoming low carb and the life changing events that inspired it all.


The Secrets of Sugar

I am so happy to see documentaries like this. Finally, the truth about sugar is becoming available to the public. Time and time again it has to be said; “Fat doesn’t make you fat. Sugar makes you fat.” When the fat is taken out of food, its replaced by some sort of sugar-type sweetener and lots of it. Sugar goes by many names but chemically its all the same thing when it hits your bloodstream. No matter how they try to spin it, fat has been criminalized for society’s health problems for years. This is why our grocery stores are loaded with low fat, reduced fat and fat free products since the 1980s. Unfortunately, as a society we have only gotten fatter and fatter which has only lead to a host of obesity-related diseases in both adults and children alike.  Fat is not the problem. Sugar is the problem and corporate greed is at the source of it all. Make no mistake, the food industry of today is the tobacco industry of yesterday.


Fed Up

I have watched this movie like 3x since I got it. I’m drilling this knowledge into my brain. The one thing I am really starting to notice is that the food industry of today is reeeeeally starting to look like the tobacco industry of past. The only difference is sugar doesn’t have an age limit. Here is a quick fact: sugar is addictive. So they put sugar in baby formula. “Get’em young & you have an addict for life”. They know exactly what they are doing to our food but they don’t care.

It’s sad to see people have place profit and power ahead of public health & responsibility. Get the movie & unlearn the bullshit they teach you.

Fed Up Movie


Picky Eaters

It’s a struggle & a half but I am a very picky eater.


I honesty think the list of foods I like are actually shorter than the list of foods I don’t like. This is why I focus on making healthier versions of the foods I do like.

Here is a short list of the things I don’t like: fish, seafood, coffee, milk, pineapple juice (love pineapples hate the juice, go figure), like 80% of all veggies, 60% of all fruits, mustard, pickles, egg yolks (love eggs, hate the yolk unless it’s scrambled or in a salad. smh), turkey bacon (ikr, I just don’t trust it. It’s a serious frankenfood) and the list goes on & on & on…

That being said, what I do like I make work for me. My diet (& by diet I mean the food I habitually eat) may not be diverse but I work with what I like to make what I want & keep it healthy at the same damn time.


American Cheese

There is nothing American or cheese about American Cheese.


I grew up eating American cheese. In fact, my mother hated the fact that she could not keep a pack of American cheese in the house for more than a few days because of me. I am the reason American cheese comes in the 72 slice pack.

Legally, American cheese can’t be sold under the name of just “cheese”. It must be labeled cheese food or cheese product.

Anything labeled cheese contains 100% cheese. Anything labeled cheese food contains at least 51% cheese. Anything labeled cheese product contains less than 51% actual cheese.

American cheese is generally a cheese product.




“If you lost the weight on the low carb diet, why do you keep saying diets don’t work?”

The low carb diet saved my life. It opened my eyes and brought me back from the edge. These are facts.

Once I had lost the weight, naturally the diet went away. I was still watching my carbs and consumption but not like before. I was back to living my life. About 3 months after dropping the diet, I noticed I was gaining weight.

Scared TF outta me.

So what do you do when you notice weight gain? You get back on, yep that’s right, a diet.  I spent the next 6 months trying to stay on the low carb diet & I could not do it. Two maybe three weeks into it and I was way off the wagon. Then it dawned on me. I spent over 2 years on a diet & the only thing I learned from being on a diet is how to be on a diet.

There had to be a better way.


Hungry for Change

Diets don’t work because diets are temporary & provides temporary results. For long term changes we have to learn how to properly feed ourselves.

This documentary is eye opening & informative.


New Year’s Resolutions

People talk bad about New Year’s resolutions.

My weight loss journey is built on a series of endless New Year’s resolutions. Every year its something new. My resolution for 2013 was to take this dumb thing called Instagram (which was basically Twitter w/ pictures to me at the time) & make it into a food blog of everything I ate. I had like 10 followers & I was Twitter junkie so I didn’t care.

My plan was to really put an emphasis cooking more of my meals. To make the few items I actually like to eat (I am a very picky eater) in as many healthy ways as possible and take notes on how I can change the way I eat in order to control my weight.

This is a re-post of the first picture I posted after I made the resolution. Almost 52 weeks old.


From that point on I took a picture of every meal I had. Every meal!! My reasoning behind making a food blog was simple. I lost the weight and I was gaining it back slowly. I needed to see what I was doing wrong.

Instagram turned into the best social network I have ever seen. The ability to monitor my eating habits, motivate myself and interact with other people living thru the similar situations was very empowering. That lead to this and who knows where this will lead me.

All from a New Year’s resolution.


False Promises

The difference between a New Year’s resolution and a false promise is dedication.

Resolutions start off right. & they generally have all the right reasoning behind them. Everyone makes them.  So what’s the number one resolution every year?


Great resolution!! But as time passes, we fall off the wagon. Falling off the wagon is perfectly normal. Being fit and eating healthy is like flexing a muscle, eventually you will have to stop flexing that muscle because it gets tiresome.  But once you have rested the muscle, you are ready to flex it once again.

That being said, when you fall off the wagon, take a step back and examine what happened. Being healthy isn’t hard if you are doing something you naturally like to do.

Try these steps. They worked for me.


Killer at Large

I love documentaries like this. It shows me that taking short cuts when it comes to life lessons only hurts you in the long run. This begins w/ a 12 yr old girl getting liposuction. Quick fix for a familiar problem. Sadly, she gains it all back & more.


Being overweight isn’t the problem, it’s a solution.

The only way to keep the weight off is to figure out what is the problem (i.e. poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, environment, heredity, etc). For most, it’s a combination of those issues.

For me, food is a comforter. I literally use to try to eat my way to happiness.


Tough love

This is your journey & no one cares. These are your problems & no one cares. You did this to yourself & no one cares.

& no one will ever care until you begin to show that you care.

Do this for yourself because you care. Do this because you know its right.

& finally, do this because you are stronger than what afflicts you.



IMG_9643It all comes down to 3,500 calories.

3,500 on, you gain a 1lb. 3,500 off & you lose 1 lb. That’s science. We all know that. But I gave up counting ages ago back when Lose It was the app & My Fitness Pal was still a beta app (yep, I been at this a while. Next month makes 3 yrs of success w/ like 8 yrs of failures b4 that). But here is what I’m working on now:

1st off forget the scale. It’s a liar. Get a tape measure & a body fat caliper.

2nd, make reg exercise apart of your daily/weekly routine.

3rd, realize that food is your drug, your addiction & your comforter.

That’s ok tho.

There is nothing wrong w/ eating what you like. It’s the overeating, overindulging & overall lack of self control that’s the issue. If keeping the weight off is your ultimate goal, you will have to learn that it’s ok to enjoy life w/o losing yourself in the moment & eating your way back to that lonely place where you 1st started from.



When your trying to do better w/ your eating, it’s so easy to feel guilty about eating anything at all. The two things have nothing to do w/ each other tho.

IMG_9641Yesterday I ate: 2 egg muffins, Canadian bacon, yogurt & a banana for breakfast. A plum for a mid morning snack. A chicken salad for lunch. An apple for a mid afternoon snack. & 2 chicken breast & a sweet potato for dinner. I should have no reason to feel any guilt. I ate nothing bad. I didn’t over eat & the way I workout, my body needs the nourishment. The end.

Quit beating yourself up. You are doing better now than you were before.

That’s called progress.


The Journey

This journey belongs to you.


It’s ok to admire the success stories but remember to think for yourself. Don’t dwell on if you are proving people right & even tho it can be empowering, don’t dwell on proving people wrong.

Instead, focus on proving to yourself that you create your own path to success.




There comes a point along your journey when the diet has to come to an end. Diets are there to kick start a change in the way you eat by installing limitations & restrictions.

The ultimate goal is make healthy choices w/o even thinking about it.


Self Image


Body image is how we view our physical selves – including whether or not we feel we are attractive to others. For many people, body image is closely linked to self-esteem. That being said, sometimes we are a little too hard on ourselves.

Change what you can & learn to love what you can’t.



Regular exercise increases your cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility & confidence.


This is why fit couples have the best sex.


The weight is not the problem

IMG_9638The weight is your body’s response to the problem.

The problem is generally something mental, emotional, physical, genetic or environmental. My problem was emotional. I basically ate my way thru my financial struggles in the mid 2000s. Sounds crazy but even tho your broke, you can eat a whole lot of junk food for $5.

This journey has taught me that I need to learn how to feed myself, take care of myself & overall, love myself. For that, I am grateful.


Fat vs Sugar


Learn the mechanics behind eating healthy. It can mean the difference between an uphill battle or a downhill stride.


Scale Addicts Anonymous

The scale can be your friend or your enemy. There is how you make it your friend.