GoFundMe Donations

Since taking control of my health in 2010, cooking has become my passion. In particular, the concept of preparing healthy meals in advance to be eaten later has literally been the turning point along my journey to better health. This experience is something I have always enjoyed sharing with others. I would like to take that sharing a step further and establish a meal prep company.

Not just any meal prep company but a meal prep company that understands what it means to eat according to a certain healthy lifestyle. Be it low carb or low fat, vegan, a die-hard meat eater or any given combination. It will be a meal prep company that provides options as well as affordability. I envision a store front for walk-in customers as well as a package and delivery service for customers that may only want one meal at a time or an entire week’s supply of meal. This will be a meal prep company designed to make adhering to your diet a breeze rather than a hassle or a challenge while keeping pricing simple and affordable. It is my goal to create this establishment from the ground up with style and integrity, dedicated to putting the customer and their diets first.

I have created this account to accept donations from anyone who believes in my vision. All funds will be used exclusively as startup capital for this venture. So give what you can, if you can. Click the link below.

Thank you.

Meal Prep Service Start Up Fund