I remember the days when the only things I used in my kitchen were the fridge, the sink & the microwave.

Those days are long gone now.

In recent years, I have discovered the stove, the oven and countless other kitchen gadgets. I have always known how to cook. But my laziness kept me in every drive thru, take out or awaiting delivery from anyplace in a 5 mile radius.

My journey to becoming healthy changed all that. What follows is a collection of all the recipes I have used spanning both my low carb and low fat lifestyles. I am not a trained chef. I am simply a man trying to eat better one meal at a time.

Note: This website is my recipe book. These recipes are free. These recipes are 100% fluid. The ingredients listed are the ingredients I preferred to use. Feel free to make changes as you see fit. The statement “season to taste” applies to those who prefer to use salt free seasonings. It also means, season with the seasonings you prefer. Honestly, it does not change the overall flavor of the end product. The goal of this is to cook for yourself with the things you like. After all, this is your journey.







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