Strength Training

Pyramid Lifting


I am a pyramid lifter and I love it. For me, doing pyramids rather than traditional straight sets has really increased my muscle tone.

In simple terms, pyramid strength training is the easiest way to build muscle as it fatigues your muscles faster than straight sets (what everyone normally does).

Here’s what you do. Next time you’re in the gym, get on your fav machine (or grab some dumbbells or get in that squat rack if you’re a bawse) What ever your max is on that machine, back off 20 lbs. Now do 12 reps of whatever that weight is. Rest. Add 10 lbs & do 10 reps. Rest. Add 10 more lbs & do 8 reps. Rest. Now take off 10 lbs & do 10 reps (this is where the muscle fatigue starts). Rest. Take off 10 lbs & do 12 reps (this is where the burning starts).

That is a full pyramid & whatever muscle group you just worked will be on fire. Straight sets or drop sets can’t do what pyramids can. Try it.

FYI: If you are working w/ low weight then reduce your weight intervals to 5 lb increments.

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